How to turn off eAccelerator or XCache

When eAccelerator or XCache are enabled on your server, Bugify may not work as expected. We have found that with these opcode caches installed and enabled, the Bugify config file is not always loaded correctly (it may load an old version of the config file). We recommend that you disable these extensions.

To turn off eAccelerator, make the following changes in your PHP configuration:

eaccelerator.enable 0
eaccelerator.optimizer 0

To turn off XCache, make the following changes to your PHP configuration:

xcache.cacher Off
xcache.size 0
xcache.stat Off

The exact place where these changes need to be made depends on your server configuration. In some cases, where you have access to global PHP settings, you can update the main PHP configuration file (it is called php.ini in most cases).

Alternatively, if your host allows changes per website. Use the following methods to turn them off.

Edit the .htaccess file at ./public/.htaccess and add the following lines above the Bugify lines.

To turn off eAccelerator:

php_flag eaccelerator.enable 0
php_flag eaccelerator.optimizer 0

To turn off XCache:

php_flag xcache.cacher 0