Integrating with a private SCM/VCS

If you'd like to integrate Bugify with your own private repository you can use the example posit-commit hook for SVN provided with Bugify at ./cli/hooks/ or if you're using another SCM you just need to ensure the minimum required fields are posted to your post-commit hook URL as a JSON-encoded object.

Example of the minimum fields required

Example of the GitHub/Beanstalk post-commit hook

Bugify also supports the GitHub/Beanstalk formatted post-commit hook. It contains a lot more info, and Bugify will extract the data it needs.

Integrating with a private git repo

An example post-receive hook for git - written in Python - can be found here. Follow the instructions found on the page to get the script setup with your Bugify post-commit hook URL (they're calling it "webhookurl"). Please note that you'll need to put your git email address in the SCM Usernames field for your Bugify user (unless your git email matches your Bugify email).